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 Natalie Thurlow your a goofball!!!!!!!!!

Hey all
 So it has been a while since I have written on here..So life is going okay it has been a struggle with my 2 pain conditions..In Oct I found out that I have Complex PTSD.. It has been almost 7yrs since I was in high school.. So crazy..April 19th it will be 3yrs of marriage..It has been hard with my mother in law trying to separate us..Lord knows it is a battle..Thank god for my husband and my 2 amazing friends..

    So the pin is comming out Tuesday!!! Yippie it is such good news because that pin drives me insane it is always hurting...So Im happy about that one. I had a nice Friday I brought Natalie out to eat for her 23rd b-day just to friendlys but it was yummy!!! Saturday I went over the in-laws it was nice watched a few movies on the Hallmark Channel The Good Witch and The Good Witches Garden Both really good!!!! Also had dinner and popcorn there too!
    Today went to my parents house had Lunch, Cheesecake and plenty of snakes! It was nice we watched the History Channel pretty much the whole time watching the Monster hunter show. Nothing else is really going on too much. Andy is in bed sleeping because well he has work in the morning. Daisy also had a lovely time at my parents house she really loves going there.
   So Im bored and Im awake with nothing too do. Most of the animals are all in the room with me..Well actually all but Daisy she has to stay in the kitchen till she is trained but she does get to run around the apartment when Im watching her cant have her go on the hardwood floors you know. So....I hope everyone has a great day!

Wow It's been a long time
Okay so since the last time I was on here was years ago...I forgot about this when myspace and facebook came in to play.. Well now neither of those can be private for me without my mother in law seeing everything so here I am...I got married on April 19th, 2008 to Andrew...I can't believe it actually happened but it did. Im very happy where my life well should I say our lives is headed. It has been a rough first year of marriage due to my right wrist being hurt... It happened in June and then I have been out of work Since July 29th.....Surgery was on Dec 10th a pin and a couple screws put in...
So let's see I live in an apartment with my 3 dogs and 2 cats yup a house full!!! They make me happy!
      Andrew and I want to start a family and have been trying since we got married back in April but it hasn't happened for us yet. I guess when God wants us to have kids we will. It still makes me a bit said though because there is nothing more I want then to be a mother. Andrew wants to be a father bad too we talk about it a lot. I know my parents will be thrilled when it happens but I know Janice doesnt want grandchildren now or anytime soon.
      So I went back and I was reading post I had written so long ago and some of them made me giggle back then it was how Andrew and I talked to one another..LOL Silly I know. So I guess what I learned is good things happen to those who wait. Andrew and I will be together for 5 years on July 10th! So I guess with all the ups and downs we had everything worked out for us. It's odd how much one can grow in a matter of years. Life does change us. Im finally at a place in my life where I am truly happy with who I have become.
   So in december my friend's father died it was so hard too see that happen to her. I felt so bad and still do. I know andrew misses him because he knew him for a long time. So I think everyone took it very hard, Well when that happened it brought up again my grandmother when she passed. It's odd how old wonds never seem  to go away they always seem to leave that scar on you. Im very happy though a couple years back I got a tattoo of a little bird with a Halo just for her on my Ankle. Then I got a tattoo just for me after Andrew and I got married of a green dragonfly landing on a pink daisy.. My fav flower and colors. The dragonfly means strenght so it reminds me to always keep fighting for what I want.
    So life living away from my parents.....At first it was odd not comming home well to old home. When I would go over my parents house I would feel sad and I would miss living there. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be, but now this is my home and it feels like my home and I love it. Now when I go to my parents Im happy to go anf visit. It's nice having our own place. I guess that was a plus about getting married. Not only did I get my own place but I get to see my best friend every day!!!!! It's great!
Well I suppose Im running out of things to say...
Im seeing Katy Perry April 1st, 2009 that should be fun...
Oh and for my b-day last year Andy brought me to see New Kids on the Block!! <3

love is a battlefield
Well for the past week things with me and andy have been very rocky and I dont know what is going on it seems like he is always mad at me and we just keep fighting it sucks because I love him so much and it's almost been two years less then a month away but then he goes so have u picked out a date for us to get married just after he sounded like he was so pissed at me he just keeps confusing me like the song says love is a battlefield!lol 

work work and more work!

I just got out of work and I have work at 8am saturday so I have to go to bed soon but Im so awake which kinda stinks!~ All and all it's good! I got a raise this week I went from making $8.50 to $9.00 now so thats pretty cool anyways have to go to bed soon!

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Hey everyone my cat had 7 kittens last night!!!They are so cute!!! 3 black and white ones, 3 orange ones and 1 calico!!! arent they cute!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways I have work soon!!!! lol yay work well no boo work but anyways I love andy and I cant wait to marry him!!!

I love andy!!
I love andrew he means the world too me he is my life. I love andy woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A kiss for me I love you 2! Im a dork!

My life
Hello everyone!!! Andrew asked me to marry him again on last saturday it was so cute!!! Ive made someone feel sad! I love Will & Grace it's my fav show!!! Anyways I love my andy so much! I work at south side grille and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways I like my job.

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hey all havent on it forever! how are u all??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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